More Police Departments Are Now Using the iPhone-Cracking Device GrayKey

Security code screen on a black iPhone

GrayKey is relatively inexpensive and quick

Given recent scandals regarding iPhones and cracking their codes, police departments in the US have gained a smart tool that helps them unlock such devices. This tool is GrayKey, an affordable tool that can crack four-digit codes without much effort. More local police departments have adopted the smart decryption box, and the number is likely to increase even more.

GrayKey can crack a four-digit code in a few hours

GrayKey became popular after an incident in 2016, when Apple refused to assist the police in a matter of security. Soon after the attack at San Bernardino, the FBI was trying to gain access into the iPhone 5c of one of the shooters. Cracking the code was incredibly difficult, so the FBI asked Apple for help. The company refused, citing privacy violation and other issues.

In the end, the FBI managed to unlock the device, but it attracted a lot of disputes and controversies. To avoid similar situations in the future, both the federal agency and local police offices began using GrayKey. This device is relatively cheap for a local authority, and only needs a few hours to crack a code of four digits.

However, the system is not that advanced. Now, more iPhones have switched to the six-digit security code, which makes things a little bit more difficult. Cracking such a code might take GrayKey even a few days, and this amount of time might really matter.

Such a system is more than necessary in the current security climate

The company that manufactured the GrayKey devices is Grayshift. Among the people who worked on developing it, there is a former Apple engineer that dealt with security issues. The man, called Braden Thomas, is known to have patented at least five Apple technologies.

Although many people condemn this security-cracking device, it is actually really necessary. The use of cyber devices is, nowadays, at its peak. Given the huge number of attacks of all forms, the police need access to all sources of information. Although officers have the legal right to do it, they are often stopped by technical difficulties. GrayKey is here to solve this problem.

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