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We,, care very much for our readers’ private information and the current Privacy Policy page has been created with this purpose. We will use Privacy Policy to explain how we work to collect information from readers, how we use this information, whether these pieces of information will be revealed to third parties and other what circumstances. Our Privacy Policy page does not refer to the information that is collected with the help of adjacent source, but only to those personal details that are gathered upon entering our website.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages contain all the legal information that users need to have when they enter our Website. According to these legal provisions, readers may be prompted with a message asking them to agree with our terms and conditions.

Before you agree with all our legal terms, you must carefully read the content of our Privacy Policy page and get a full understanding of the provisions specified therein. Occasionally, visitors may see changes in our Privacy Policy page. These changes will become effective as soon as they are posted on our Privacy Policy page. We do not hold it our responsibility to inform visitors of any changes in our Privacy Policy. It is your duty and responsibility to take notice of any modification.

VISITORS, WHO CONTINUE USING OUR WEBSITE IMPLICITLY AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF OUR PRIVACY POLICY. SHOULD YOU FOR ANY REASON NOT AGREE WITH THE REGULATIONS IN OUR PRIVACY POLICY OR THE CHANGES WE MAKE, YOU ARE IMMEDIATELY ASKED TO LEAVE OUR WEBSITE. Any modification that will be made on your personal information, will be immediately notified on your personal email address. If you do not agree with these modifications you are advised to “opt out” from using our website services. The last Privacy Policy provisions you have agreed to will be the ones that will be taken into consideration when we treat your personal data.


We collect personal information from our readers to achieve a better understanding of their needs and preferences. The personal data we are interested in is related to your native language, your geographical location, but there is also non-personal information that is automatically collected as you enter our website.

  • Personally Identifiable Information: according to the definition provided in our Privacy Policy, we consider personally identifiable information any data that can be used to identify or contact a person. This information may refer to name, phone, address, email address, etc. Such data is not automatically collected when you enter the website, we use special forms, such as, Website registration, survey participation, programs, promotions, contests and similar Website services to gather this specific type of information.
  • Non-personal information: The current Privacy policy considers non-personal information as any data that is not related to an individual’s persona. Among the numerous types of information that is included in this category is also the data that is provided to us anonymously. The non-personal information is strictly related to a person’s use of Internet, such as its Internet service provider, its IP address and its operating system. We may also consider the search terms that you use when you enter our website, as well as your favorite web pages and the time you spend on the respective pages.
  • Use of Personally Identifiable Information: we use personally identifiable information whenever we want to improve our flow of communication with our readers and visitors. Personal data is necessary for a better understanding of the requests you are making from our website, as well as to enable us to better respond to your wishes and demands. We may sometimes make use of the personal information details to contact you, especially in regards to customer related services, to product promotions, be they products were make or the products that our subsidiaries and affiliated partners offer. Our website administrators may sometimes use your personal information to contact you about the correctness of the information provided on our website. Visitors have the liberty to opt out of these promotional messages any time they would like to.

Our website may sometimes work in close connection with third-party vendors; therefore visitors may be asked to share their personally identifiable data with them. Third-party vendors may carry out various activities in our name, such as, merchandise transportation and delivery, promotion administration, marketing assistance, customer services, customer support and data analysis, etc.) Your personal information may also be assigned to our sponsors and third parties, in case they will be hired to administer our personal data on our Website. In keeping with the rules and regulations on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page, we will not share your personally identifiable data with third parties without first asking for your permission.

  • Non-personal information: the non-personal information that is retrieved from our users and visitors will be used for the improvement of our website and its services. You should expect the non-personal information to be used for website traffic analyses, customer-oriented tasks, customer-oriented services, as well as promotions and offers. We, our website administrators and our partners have the liberty to freely use this data as it does not relate personally to you. We may also share it with affiliated companies and third parties because they will use it to improve our website services.
  • IP Addresses: according to the generally valid definition, the IP address is the identification code that is automatically given to a computer in order to permit its online identification. Our website and our website administrators does not use special software to collect and verify your IP addresses, but we may sometimes do so when the occasion asks us to. We will collect information on your IP address if we have reasons to believe that a user did not observe the rules of our website, if the U.S. government asks us to, if law provisions require us to do so, as well as for reasons related to our Website protection, the protection of our legal rights and the legal rights of our visitors, in case we have to safeguard users and/or the general public.
  • Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are automatically memorized by your computer hard drive when you enter a website. Computers use cookies to remember the places you have visited and your preferences. Our website administrators can freely use and share this data as it does not contain any personally identifiable information on visitors. This data may be passed on to our affiliates and third-party partners, especially when we are undergoing promotional campaigns. Visitors may program their computers to display messages whenever a website is trying to store cookies on your computer hard drive. Furthermore, users may manually delete these files and so websites will not get access to the non-personal information of the visitor. It is our duty and responsibility to inform you that choosing to delete some cookies may harm or hinder the good functioning of your computer. Our Website is not to be held responsible for any of the damages that the user may suffer while attempting to delete cookies files.
  • E-mail communication: Our online platform may automatically save your e-mail address when you send us a message or fill a form to reply to our emails, messages and comments. We will you���������re the personally identifiable information to respond to your questions and comments whenever this is possible. We will use the information related to your e-mail address whenever we want to keep you informed of the services and products we offer, as well as the services and products you have commissioned from us. We will need your prior approval to send you such e-mail notifications. In case you change your mind and you no longer want to receive such email notifications you can opt out of this feature any tie by simply accessing the “unscribe” link in our e-mail messages. This will not stop us from sending you e-mails related to transactional activities you have carried out with our customer service department.
  • Transfer of Assets: If our company and all the assets we owe will be acquired by another entity, your personally identifiable information and your non-personally identifiable information will be considered an asset and will, therefore, be transferred or sold to the third-party acquirer.
  • Other: In keeping with the provisions of the California state laws and the legal regulations on our Privacy Policy page, our website administrators have the right to reveal your personally identifiable information, as well as your non-personally identifiable information to authorities, particularly if legal authorities request us to do so, by law and/or by copyright infringement claims. If the U.S. government requests us to do so, we will disclose both your personally identifiable information and your non-personal information to obey California state laws and/or other legal claims, to protect our legal rights, our website and all our property and to defend our website visitors and users.

We may introduce blogs, message board, bulletin boards, chat rooms and public forums on our website to stimulate users’ interaction. The legal provisions mentioned under the previous sections are not applicable to the personal information and non-personal information you voluntarily disclose while using these online platforms. The personal information you provide on public forums loses its status as private data and becomes public information and will be treated as such the moment you share it on the respective public forums. Your personal information that is disclosed on public forums can be collected by all Internet users and third parties, including those who do not follow the legal provisions of our Privacy Policy. We, our website administrators, our website, our affiliates and our partners are not to be blamed for any unpleasant events arising from the voluntary disclosure of your personal information.


Our website does not request children under the age of 13 years old to submit to our services, nor has the content of our website been created for children. Parents, tutors and guardians can freely notify us of personally identifiable information that has been provided to us if they have reasons to believe this. Parents, tutors and guardians of children under the age of 13 years old have the right to request us to delete their children’s personally identifiable data and to prohibit us from using it.


We have taken all the necessary measures to prevent security breaches, information theft, alteration and misuse of users’ personal data. We are constantly working to improve our website security, but users have to be aware that our website administrators cannot guarantee the full protection of your personally identifiable information at all times. Should such security breaches occur resulting in the inadvertent disclosure, the alteration and the theft of users’ personally identifiable information, our website should not be held responsible for the incident. Users will be notified in the shortest time possible when our website and our database has been cyber-attacked, so they would secure their personally identifiable information. We will keep updating the website to get the latest security measures and programs against system breaches.


You may occasionally see links to third party websites on our website pages. does not have control over the information published on third party sites or on the content of these websites. Our visitors are advised to read the Privacy Policies of third parties before providing any personally identifiable information to them.


We have provided you with our contact details, so feel free to contact us in case: 10 you have questions about our Privacy Policy; 2) you want to make corrections to any of the information you have provided to us; 3) you want to opt out of our services; d) you agree to let us or other third parties use your personally identifiable data.

We will revise read your requests as soon as we get them and we will make the necessary changes, accordingly. However, we take ourselves the liberty to ignore the requests that are not justified or grounded. Requests coming from users with access to our websites benefits and services will not be taken into consideration.


The current Privacy Policy page and the information herein is the sole statement of our privacy policy related to our website, our website services and its content. Only those Privacy Policy pages we revisit and we post on our website will be considered valid and will be effective upon publication. No other summaries, alteration and revisions will be taken into consideration.