Rare Dinosaur Skeleton Exhibited in Unique Cincinnati Brewery

Skull of a Galeamopus pabsti in a museum

The rare dinosaur skeleton will be on display in the brewery until August

After long preparations that lasted a lifetime, the Cincinnati Museum Center has prepared a surprise for all paleontology enthusiasts. Together with the Rhinegeist Brewery, the museum officials have prepared a special unveiling event and exhibition of a rare dinosaur skeleton. The fossil belongs to Galeamopus, an herbivorous sauropod that originates from the Jurassic period.

It took the researchers 18 years to assemble the rare dinosaur skeleton

In 2000, a rancher from Montana stumbled upon this impressive rare dinosaur skeleton. Soon afterwards, researchers identified it as belonging to the Galeamopus species and realized how remarkable the discovery was. So far, they have managed to discover only two other fossils belonging to the same species.

Therefore, they needed a really big event to celebrate the exhibition of this rare dinosaur fossil. Eighteen years later, they have finally managed to reconstruct 85 percent of the skeleton. This is a true record among other dinosaur fossils. The preparations took so long as the skeleton has a long neck and measures about 500 feet in overall length.

When researchers found the rare dinosaur skeleton, most of it was trapped in a compact mass of rock. Therefore, it took them four years to dig it up completely. Most parts of the skeleton were attached between one another, but they still had to put a lot of things back. Therefore, they spent another seven years to arrange everything and made it ready for display.

The skeleton will be on display in a unique setting at the Rheingeist Brewery

Together with all the observations, studies, and other activities they performed, it took them 18 years to have everything ready. Once they were ready, they thought it needed a special unveiling event, and this is where the Rheingeist Brewery came in.

Such a unique and rare dinosaur fossil needed a first exhibit worthy of its reputation. Therefore, the museum officials and brewery owners stroke a deal and decided to display the specimen in the taproom of the venue. The exhibit coincides with another special event, namely the launch of a new Belgian ale called Brittlebrain.

Since these two important events are coinciding, the museum and the brewery decided to create one single celebration called Jurassic Geist. This event will last until August, when researchers will move the rare dinosaur skeleton into the Natural History and Science Museum. If you want to see the fossil in a unique setting, don’t miss the chance to visit Jurassic Geist.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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