A Collaboration Between Google and the US Military Forces Sparks the Resignation of a Dozen Employees within the Company

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Despite all efforts, Google decided to continue the collaboration with the Pentagon

Google has recently started a collaboration with the Pentagon on a project involving artificial intelligence. This likely brought the resignation of a dozen employees who are apparently unhappy to turn their country into an even stronger military force.

Google offers the Pentagon help to develop some AI

Several months ago, Google started helping the Pentagon develop an AI system that likely made the military drones stronger. This mission is called Project Maven, and it should help these drones distinguish places from people and identify them. These drones are owned by the US Armed Forces.

On May 14th, a few months after the start of this project, some rumors surfaced on the resignation of a dozen employees within the Google headquarters. This event is most likely related to the company’s decision to collaborate with the US military forces. Also, there is a petition that supports these claims.

Several thousands of employees at Google have signed this petition they sent to the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. There, they asked him to interrupt all collaborations with the Pentagon and evoked the company’s past decision to drift off from military issues.

These events brought the resignation of a dozen employees

Also, they used a strong motto that should have convinced Pichai to give up on the collaboration. The motto in question was “Don’t be evil”, words that Google has been using for over 20 years. Moreover, this petition also contained an addition that supported a policy against cooperation with the military.

The petition and resignation of a dozen employees received support from other parts as well. The International Committee for Robot Arms Control, an organization with members from prestigious universities around the globe, urges Google to stop. All these people say a collaboration between the military and a tech company might be risky for all users of the latter’s services.

Despite all these efforts and the resignation of a dozen employees within the company, Google stuck to its decision. It decided to continue with Project Maven, and might soon begin another collaboration on a different project of the Pentagon.

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