Roku Goes Down for Five Hours, Displaying Warning Messages Instead of Videos

Roku remote displayed next to its box

Roku suffered an outing for five hours where users were displayed a warning message on anti-piracy

Roku users have recently been experiencing a truly unpleasant situation as the streaming service suffered its first major outage. If users wanted to watch a video on YouTube, a show on Netflix, or any other content on all kinds of platforms, they were displayed a message on anti-piracy.

The outage hit Roku for at least five hours

Roku is a streaming service that allows people to watch any kind of video content coming from different platforms. However, a series of users blamed the service for being out for over five hours. If they wanted to watch something on Netflix or YouTube, there were no videos available.

Instead, the screen displayed a message delivered by FBI on anti-piracy and other similar subjects. There weren’t many users that were hit by this sudden outage, but they were enough to make the story public. Fortunately, the company was quick to solve the issue.

Roku solved the issue but, if it happens again, its future might not look so bright

Apparently, the FBI warning was just a technical glitch, and Roku informed users of how to stop it. One solution was to go to the Settings menu, find the players, and then update them manually. However, this might not work for all channels. If users did this and the message was still on the screen, then the company advised them to log out of the respective channel and then log in again.

Now, Roku reported users should no longer face difficulties in accessing their favorite channels. Even so, the service being out for so many hours was quite a blow. At the moment, Roku owns the supremacy among other streaming services in the US, even the competition is pretty serious.

If such incidents keep appearing in the future, the platform might no longer maintain its top place. In fact, the year hasn’t started too well for the company, as its share price went down 18 percent in February, and it keeps dropping. However, Roku has some future ambitious projects that might help it keep its place on top.

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