Sea Ice Is Expanding in Antarctica

the picture of a landscape in Antarctica

Climate experts mentioned that the expansion is caused by normal climate fluctuations.

Recent studies pointed toward a strange phenomenon happening in Antarctica. Despite the fact that global warming has a negative impact on the overall temperature of the oceans, the sea ice in Antarctica is expanding. Experts from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) came up with a new explanation for this phenomenon.

Climate experts mentioned that the expansion noticed recently is caused by some normal climate fluctuations. According to them, the atmosphere of the Earth experiences different cooling and warming phases that can last for much longer periods more than the typical seasons.

Moreover, they explained the difference between sea ice and glacial ice. According to them, sea ice is seasonal. Normally, this type if ice represents only a superficial layer of ice, which is formed due to the geological particularities of Antarctica. Typically, sea ice appears whenever the water temperature goes bellow minus 22 degrees Celsius.

To answer this question which puzzled many experts, the scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research examined more than 250 climate models. Their intent was to discover what are the natural variations of temperature.

After establishing a pattern, they revealed that the effects of global warming couldn’t be observed in this situation due to the interdecadal Pacific oscillation.

The phenomenon refers to a significant change in the atmospheric pressure, which is responsible for increasing or lowering the temperatures of the Pacific Ocean. According to experts, this event can last even three decades. Moreover, a few scientists warned that the actual effects of global warming cannot be seen yet due to this cooling tendency of the temperatures.

However, some experts accept this theory only partially. While William Hobbs, a scientist who specialized in oceanography at the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre in Australia, admits that this is a reasonable explanation, he reveals that the interdecadal Pacific oscillation does not explain why in some parts of the Antarctic the sea ice is not expanding.

He mentioned that the chain of effects and interactions that dictate the temperatures at the surface of the sea in the area are far too complex to be fully comprehended through what scientists typically notice in a satellite image. He stressed the importance of carrying out more field studies to understand this particular ecosystem.

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