Google Promotes the Icon of Selena Quintanilla with New Doodle

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Tech behemoth Google pledged to take advantage of its notoriety to promote international icons that shaped the culture of the world in one way or the other. The company dedicated this Tuesday to Selena Quintanilla. The singer earned herself the title of the Queen of Tejano music through hits such as “I Could Fall in Love” or “Dreaming of You.” The new doodle offers the world a sketchy version of Selena while she performs her iconic title, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

The New Doodle Is a Video that Celebrates Selena’s Life and Career

On Tuesday, everyone connected to the Internet can lift up their mood by playing the new Google Doodle. This time, the logo of the company was turned into an entire video that portrays the life of late Selena Quintanilla.

The small biography in doodles starts with Selena’s childhood as she sings for her family and ends with her during the peak of her career on a large stage. All these events are moving to the tunes of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

The date of October 17th marks 28 years since the debut of Selena’s first studio album called “Selena.” On top of that, Google will insist on building a suitable frame to celebrate Selena’s impressive life-long work on its Arts & Culture website.

Selena was destined to be a star. At only eight years old, she recorded her first song in Spanish. One year later, she put a band together. Her teenage years followed her on the road to numerous gigs. In 1989, recording company EMI signed a contract for her work. Selena earned a Grammy in 1994 for the Best Mexican-American Album.

Google Pledged to Add Diversity to Its Numerous Projects

The marketing manager at Google’s Doodle, Perla Campos, revealed the backstage efforts for this project. The new Doodle needed two years in the making to land the perfect experimental presentation to showcase Selena’s story.

“For the people who don’t really know her, this was an opportunity to really tell her story. Pretty early on, we decided that video was the right way to go.”

Through this entry, Google keeps the promise of including diversity in its Doodle project. Selena’s life and career stroke a chord in Campos. She picked this real-life character as she believes more people worldwide are going to relate to her.

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