The Sex Life of Older People Isn’t as Boring as You’d Think

Older couple out in the park on an autumn day

Older people are having more sex than you thought

Many people tend to disregard the sex life of older people, as they think these people stop having sex once they reach a certain age. However, a report developed by the University of Michigan discovered many people aged between 65 and 80 still regard intercourse as important.

The sex life of older people is actually pretty intense

Researchers were interested in the sex life of older people, so they developed the report where they interviewed 1,002 Americans older than 65. This is how they discovered they are a lot more sexually active than anyone would think.

From all these people, 40 percent admitted to still having sex. From all those who still had a spouse or partner, 54 percent were sexually active. Their attitude towards sex was also pretty open. From all people interviewed, 76 percent said sex was the key to a well-functioning romantic relationship regardless of age.

Of course, people should know the importance of practicing safe sex. What is worrying about the sex life of older people is the fact that they don’t talk to their doctors about it. Only 17 percent said they did it, while the rest were too ashamed to share intimate details with other people.

Sex keeps older people healthy

This isn’t only about how healthy the sex life of older people is. Some might take medication to improve their sexual performance, and this might be dangerous for them. However, results show people who are sexually active even at an advanced age are a lot healthier.

The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, developed a survey to correlate health and sexual activity. Figures showed about 45 percent of those people with a great health conditions were still sexually active. On the other hand, only 22 percent of those in poor health had sex regularly.

No matter how different all these results were, they highlight one clear thing. The sex life of older people is still pretty intense. Of course, they do not have sex as often as younger people do, but they are definitely a lot more sexually active that you would have thought.

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