Facebook Is Losing Young Users To Snapchat (Report)

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Snapchat is drawing in Facebook’s young users, according to a new study.

More and more younger people are abandoning Facebook only to jump on the Snapchat app, according to a new study.

The report was made by New York-based firm, eMarketer, and according to them, this year will see less than half of Americans aged between 12 and 17 use Facebook. There were approximately 12.1 million US Facebook users in between those ages by the end of 2017.

eMarketer claims that the social media platform will lose 2 million users under the age of 25 this year and its rival, Snapchat, will see a boost of 1.9 million users within that age bracket.

There are a number of reasons behind Facebook’s massive user leak. For years, the company has had to deal with a number of emerging competitors which have boasted the same features as Facebook plus a number of new options that allow users to stay in touch with friends and family.

In addition to their presumed staleness, many young people have lost interest in making long-lasting memories on Facebook, something which the company was known for. This would explain why Instagram and Snapchat are growing in popularity, as the apps offer features for sharing and photos that disappear.

eMarketer found Facebook lost approximately 2.8 million US users under 25 in 2017.

Snapchat was faced with backlash over its confusing layout which prompted the app’s owner, Snap Inc, to overhaul the app and make it easier to use. The overhaul was successful in keeping the social element of Snapchat all the while separating it from media. Thus, the new app contains one page devoted to interacting with friends’ Snapchat messages and stories, while another page runs a feed of video content from media outlets.

The study also found that older people are flocking to Facebook in bigger numbers than in the past. This would not help the social platform in the long run as Snapchat’s sole purpose behind the overhaul was to make itself accessible to all age groups.

“The questions will be whether younger users will still find Snapchat cool if more of their parents and grandparents are on it.” Said Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst at eMarketer. “That’s the predicament Facebook is in.”

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