A Social Humanoid Received Same Rights as Saudi Arabia Citizens

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Sophia is a robot that looks like a woman. There a few things that give it away as an infiltrator among humans yet these speak volumes. For instance, half of the head is covered in glass to display a computer instead of a brain. There are other features such as robotic moves that can’t find the fluidity of the human body. Despite all these, the social humanoid has just received citizenship from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Has Been Developing a Taste for High-End Technology for Years

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is usually fond of tradition and history. Some leaders together with their Islamic religious police are making sure their people respect their customs where men are above women.

However, Saudi Arabia became fascinated with robots a few years ago. This new interest draws an image of antagonisms. Nevertheless, the region kept recording one progress after another.

In the end, the kingdom started employing robots in various industries such as construction or even brain surgery. At one point, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates recruited these robots as jockeys in camel races to the delight of Saudi princes.

Therefore, this avid enthusiasm might explain while the kingdom decided to make Sophia one of their own. The humanoid appeared at the Future Investment Initiative on Wednesday in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh. It generated waves of awe by having an open conversation with the moderator on stage, Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Sophia Is a Social Humanoid Robot with Saudi Arabian Citizenship

The creator of Sophia is David Hanson who founded Hanson Robotics. He claimed that the technology behind this humanoid robot consists of visual data processing, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence.

As the machine was created for social work, Sophia is also endowed with the capability to replicate facial expressions and human gestures. She can frown, laugh, appear sad, angry but also wave her hand or support a speech with gestures. All these skills have the purpose to earn people’s trust so that she can work with people.

On October 25, Saudi Arabia granted her citizenship. This is the first time a robot receives a nationality which means it shares same rights as people of that country.

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