Summer Skin Care: Some of the Most Important Rules to Follow

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Your summer skin care routine should include exfoliating and the constant use of sunscreen.

Although in some places it might not seem like it, summer is nonetheless closer than might be expected. While this means longer days, ice cream, and sunbathing, it could also mean rashes, insolation, and other skin problems.

This is why we need to give more importance to our summer skin care. Certain rules and tips should be followed to ensure a younger and healthier skin. Many people neglect their skin and focus on their overall health. This can lead, in time, to skin condition and even to cancer.  

“Cleansing and refreshing the skin are important during summer to remove sweat and oil deposits,” mentioned Shahnaz Husain, a skin-expert. 


Summer Skin Care Essential and General Tips


One of the most important rules for a good skin care is to take Vitamin C. This vitamin helps maintain collagen levels which make the skin firm and healthy. You don’t need to take pills or multivitamins with Vitamin C. It’s enough to eat a lot of lemons, oranges, tomatoes, and some green leafy veggies. These will give you enough Vitamin C to protect and to make your skin glow.  

Exfoliation is also very important in maintaining a healthy-looking skin. As dead skin cells accumulate in excessive quantities, they can damage the skin texture. This is why you need to exfoliate at least once a week. It is best to use natural ingredients such as baking soda, coffee, and sugar.  

Another and perhaps the most important rule for summer skin care is to always use sun cream. Such a product should be applied very time you go out in the sun. It should even be used when you are sunbathing. Apply the cream or spray all over your body every two hours and every time you go for a swim.  

People should also focus more on their lips and eyes. Even though these are the most sensitive parts of the face, they are, most of the time, neglected. Apply sun protecting balm on your lips and cover your eyes with sunglasses.

Your diet should also be adapted to the season. People should choose seasonal fruits and drink lots of water to cool their body during the summer months.  

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