Tesla Is Halfway through Its Promise to Deliver Largest Battery Installation in South Australia

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Elon Musk keeps jumping on one ambition to another. The world-renowned CEO placed a bet on Twitter with software billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes some time ago. The stake is for Tesla to build the largest battery installation in the world in 100 days. The company is already halfway there.

South Australia Will Have the Biggest Battery Installation in the Worlds Thanks to a Twitter Bet

On Friday, Elon Musk announced at a South Australian event that he is halfway through with his 100MW/129MWh battery bank. The installation is slated to be the world’s greatest system that is tied to a power grid. By comparison, the currently largest system is AES Energy Storage’s facility of 30MW/120MWh.

This grand project started when Cannon-Brookes doubted Tesla’s big talk on building cutting-edge grid-tied system by leaps and bounds. Elon Musk found his motivation in this Twitter critique to break records in his domain. Therefore, he took upon himself to build the project in 100 days. If he fails, his work will be free of charge.

The real deal didn’t stipulate any time limits in its contracts. Therefore, Tesla applied for a renewable energy fund of $115 million courtesy of the state of South Australia which it won. Musk estimated the costs to $32.35 million without taxes and labor.

Tesla Gigafactory Represents a Key Element in Musk’s Race Against the Clock

Afterwards, Tesla collaborated with French company Neoen. Therefore, the battery installation will have access to the 100MW Hornsdale Wind Farm. Nonetheless, Tesla is still liable to a loss of $50 million if it misses the 100-day deadline.

On Friday, Tesla CEO announced the start of the 100-day countdown. However, it looks like the company is already halfway through its deal. Tesla has been working in advance on the Hornsdale installation. The Tesla/ Panasonic Gigafactory has already started making the batteries.

At Tesla’s Friday party, Musk was heard saying that the project would end in two months’ time. Musk claimed that such a timeframe isn’t enough for a household to complete an entire kitchen remodel.

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