The Gameplay Trailer and Official Release Date of Code Vein Are Already Out

Character in Code Vein wearing a gothic gas mask

Code Vein is a bloody action RPG with anime elements

If you ran out of RPGs to play, get ready for Bandai Namco’s exciting release for this fall. On September 28th, the studio releases Code Vein, an action RPG that successfully combines old school combat with anime graphics. On top of that, everything happens in a gothic-like setting and there’s plenty of blood around.

Code Vein has received the long-awaited trailer

If all these elements speak to you, then you must have been really excited about Code Vein. Bandai Namco first announced the game last year, so it kept us waiting for a few more details. The good news is it has now received an official release date and a gameplay trailer, so we can find out more about it.

After looking at the trailer, we can make up a bit of the story in Code Vein. The action is centered around a fell queen that can enslave people just by using her blood. You belong to a resistance movement of soldiers that are only partially undead, and you have to defeat this queen and her army. On your quest, you get big weapons that let you brutally slice your enemies.

Blood is a central element in the game

Therefore, Code Vein is really gory and violent. As mentioned above, blood is a central point of the game. The gameplay trailer mentions it through a line that might become iconic: “The world needs more blood beads!” If you are a fan of heated combat in the style of Dark Souls or Bloodborne, this game is just for you.

Just to keep things fun, you’ll get plenty of characters to choose from. They all sport dark outfits with gothic touches and, of course, gas masks. However, don’t forget the queen is turning people into blood-hungry vampires. Therefore, no matter how fun the gore might look like, stay away from it.

Bandai Namco has posted a gameplay trailer for Code Vein that you can watch anywhere. The exclusive game will be available on all consoles, as well as on PC, and will be out on September 28th.

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