Twitter Intends to Adopt Transparency with Its Ad Data

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Twitter is the latest name that appeared in the growing folder regarding propaganda that influenced the 2016 presidential elections. A technology company claimed that the social media platform hurt the electoral body by keeping details about political ads under secrecy. In response to this criticism, Twitter announced that it is going to bring transparency to ad data.

Users Will Learn More about the Ads They See on Twitter

Twitter decided that its users need to be informed on all aspects regarding the platform. Therefore, users will soon be able to see who’s behind an ad that appeared in their newsfeed. There will be other divulged details such as the target public that the ad chose and the duration of the campaign.

Twitter will handle political ads differently. Each of them will be marked specifically to differentiate them from usual retail or service campaigns. Users will learn who funded the election advertisement as well as additional information about the vendee. They will also gain insights into buyer’s ad spending history on Twitter and the preferred ad targets.

The complex plan to connect users to a necessary source of information was detailed on Tuesday in a Twitter blog post. GM Revenue Product and Engineering head at Twitter, Bruce Falck, is the author of the article.

The Public Access to Ad Data Comes Just Before Twitter’s Schedule Hearing with the Senate

Additional details claimed that the platform is not going to allow just everybody to create political ads anymore. Instead, there will be instated a slew of criteria that buyers need to check before creating such a campaign on Twitter. Those who violate the new rules are going to receive stricter penalties than ever before.

These changes come at a time when lawmakers are pressuring social media companies to reveal any part they played in Russia’s efforts to take control of the 2016 elections. On November 1st, Twitter, Google, and Facebook have to appear before Senate and House Intelligence Committees to give official statements on what happened through that important event for the United States.

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