Twitter Shifts its Marketing Strategy Towards Trending News and Events

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Twitter has decided to give more attention to trending news and events

Twitter has reached one of its most profitable moments in history, as its number of users has been on the rise for quite a long period. Therefore, it decided to refocus its marketing strategy and present users more trending news and events. However, to do that, it will have to run a few updates on the app interface.

Twitter is now more interested in trending news

Twelve years after being among the top social media apps, Twitter decided it was time to make a change. With its new surge in members, the app decided to focus more on trending news and letting people know about world events. Therefore, users can now find out how they can keep an eye on what’s going on in the world.

The changes start with the main feed, where you can now see a tab called “happening now”. By selecting it, you’ll see the most trending news of the moment at the top of your feed. This might sound familiar, as Twitter made a similar attempt before. However, the tab in question only displayed sports news.

Twitter will pay attention to your interests and show you filtered news

From now on, this tab will show all kinds of news that are hot at the moment. Also, you can personalize your interests and see things that are relevant for you. Once you select a certain story, you’ll get a separate tab with more info on the event in question. There you can find tweets, photos, or articles related to that piece of news.

Based on your interests, Twitter might get pushy and show you special notifications. This happens only when it thinks you might be particularly interested in an event, and it’s not clear how often it will happen.

In the end, Twitter gets one more update that brings trending news forward. The app will get a new tab called Explore, where stories get organized by topic. It works similar to a Search bar, while Search itself is still available. However, Explore highlights whatever is most trending or what seems relevant to your interests.

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