Millions of UK iPhone Users Sue Google for Privacy Violation

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Google might pay several billions in fines for privacy violation accusations

The tech giant Google is at a huge risk of losing a lot of money, as several million iPhone users teamed up against it. They have issued a lawsuit against the company accusing it of privacy violation. As a result, on Monday, it had to appear in court to defend its case. If its attempt is not successful, the company risks losing up to $4.3 billion.

The privacy violation issue concerns the Safari Workaround

Quite a numerous group of iPhone users from the UK have declared war on Google and are determined to win. “Google You Owe Us” is the official group they have formed and it contains 4.4 million iPhone users who are upset with the Safari Workaround from 2011 to 2012. All these people accused the company of privacy violation.

Now you might say that Safari has some default privacy options, so how is it possible to violate them? Apparently, people claim that Google surpassed all these options, collected some browsing data and, of course, users were not aware of it.

Google dismisses all the accusations

However, this isn’t the first time when people find out of it. The first one to discover it was a researcher from Stanford University. This happened in 2012 and then, in 2013, they all signed an agreement. Through it, Google accepted to pay a $17 million fine in 37 states. On top of that, it also had to pay another $22.5 million fine, given to it by the Federal Trade Commission.

The court meeting on Monday wasn’t too successful for the tech giant. People brought documents that were really convincing of the privacy violation hypothesis. These documents showed that each of the affected user was liable to receive a compensation of $1,000. However, Google dismissed the accusations. It claimed there was no way to show these people could be victims of Safari privacy violation.

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