US Government to Vote Safety Exemptions for Autonomous Vehicle Industry

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The U.S. House of Representative scheduled a voting session for Wednesday in which members will decide an important aspect of the future of the self-driving car industry. The outcome will decide whether or not the evolution of such a young market is to speed up thanks to safety exemptions or not. Such a proposal can deny states from applying autonomous vehicle bans for their streets.

The Safety Exemptions Regard Autonomous Vehicles Not Respecting Safety Standards under Certain Conditions

The bill in question managed to pass the House panel in July thanks to a unanimous vote. The document suggests that automakers shouldn’t have to strive to accomplish auto safety standards during the first year for their first 25,000 vehicles. Estimations suggest that the cap for such safety exemptions would lead to a market increase of 100,000 vehicles on an annual basis for a span of three years.

Numerous traditional automakers and new startups have been trying to unlock the full potential of the self-driving market. However, present strict legislations are making it harder to develop this industry. Therefore, world renowned companies such as General Motors Co. and Alphabet have been campaigning a redo for federal rules regarding autonomous vehicles. At the same time, several watchdogs are working to get an additional batch of safety standards as such machines present a moral dilemma.

Federal Rules Are Currently Banning Cars without Human Control to Drive on U.S. Roads

The House of Representatives will introduce or not the bill on Wednesday into legislature through fast-track rules that deny any amendments to the original ruling. On top of that, there are other bipartisan legal projects on their way that target a smoother evolution for the young and valuable self-driving industry.

Republican Kevin McCarthy who is also House Majority Leader claimed that such legal efforts are key to keeping America the most innovative nation on the planet. The government needs to encourage players in this industry to test and develop such a groundbreaking technology.

“Self-driving vehicles stand to make our transportation system safer and more efficient.”

At the moment, federal rules in place don’t allow active cars without human control on the streets of the U.S. However, as the death toll due to traffic accidents rose to record levels in 2015, the government is turning to autonomous technology as the safest solution to this issue.

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