Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses to Give Woman Miscarriage Medication, Invoking His Moral Beliefs

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The pharmacist said the prescription was contrary to his moral beliefs

A woman from Arizona was the victim of a strange incident when a Walgreens pharmacist refused to sell her miscarriage medication because it was contrary to his beliefs. The woman was devastated to find out her baby’s heart no longer beat, so her doctor prescribed her some drugs to end the pregnancy. However, things got even worse when she couldn’t buy the drugs in question.

The woman’s baby stopped from developing

Nicole Arteaga, 35, wanted really much to be a mother, but luck wasn’t on her side. When she was 10-week pregnant, her doctor told her that her baby no longer had a heartbeat. Therefore, she was left with two choices. She could either undergo a surgical procedure and remove the fetus from her body or take miscarriage medication and push the baby out chemically.

The woman chose the chemical method, so her doctor handed her the prescription for the miscarriage medication called Misoprostol. However, she didn’t expect things to get even more complicated. When she entered a Walgreens pharmacy in Peoria, Arizona, the pharmacist refused to give her the drug. As a reason, he invoked his moral beliefs against abortion.

The pharmacist refused to hand her the miscarriage medication

The woman tried to explain to him that her baby was dead anyway, but he still refused to hand over her drugs. Two other people were working in the pharmacy at the time, but the man refused to give the prescription over to someone else.

Of course, the Walgreens officials immediately commented on the situation. They said their employees can to refuse to give someone a prescription if it doesn’t agree with their moral beliefs. However, in this case, they must ask someone else to take care of it.

There is a law in Arizona that allows pharmacists to refuse to handle prescriptions containing miscarriage pills. The Walgreens representatives apologized to the woman and said they would investigate the matter.

However, the pharmacist in question mailed the prescription to a different store, so the woman could get her miscarriage medication. Even so, the whole experience was traumatizing, especially after losing the pregnancy she really wanted.

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