Your Time on Facebook Tells You How Much You Keep Scrolling on Social Media

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Your Time on Facebook keeps good track of your time on social media

Nowadays, people are spending a huge amount of time on Facebook, and the platform officials know that. Therefore, they decided to give people the chance to see how addicted they are to social media through a new feature. This is called Your Time on Facebook and should tell you how many hours you spend on the platform per day and for the last seven days.

Your Time on Facebook tracks down your social media activity

Social media is now an important part of our lives, as we are spending more and more time using these platforms. If you are curious how much time you spend scrolling on Facebook, you can soon find out. This could be a really healthy way to track down an unhealthy habit and stop it, or just see how much time you waste on social media.

The feature is called Your Time on Facebook and keeps track of all your time on the platform. You can choose to see how many hours you stay on Facebook per day, but not only that. The app can also calculate the average time spent over the past seven days.

This feature can also help you reduce your time on social media

All this data isn’t only informative. In case you want to limit your time on the platform, you can use the feature to do it. Within the Your Time on Facebook tab, you can set a maximum number of hours to spend on social media. Once you reach this limit, the app will display a notification informing you that you should stop scrolling.

The same feature allows you to activate another one, called Do Not Disturb. This mode allows you to manage your notifications and choose which one of them to block. Therefore, Your Time on Facebook can really help you reduce your social media distractions. In fact, this whole attempt came after many studies showed the damaging effect of too much time on Facebook.

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